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Suzuki Jimny 2014

2014 Suzuki Jimny  still carry over the M13A 1.3 liter engine with 88 hp(improve from 85hp) at 6,000 rpm peak torque of 118 Nm(from 110 NM) is available at 4,000 rpm. Mated to a five-speed and four-speed automatic transmission transmission.The 0-100 km/h is in acceptable rate for this type of the car at 14.1 seconds,Top speed is 140 km/h.Suzuki claim fuel economy at 7.1 liters/100 km.and release CO2 at 162 g/km.The engine is pass the Euro 5 emission norm.

2014 Suzuki Jimny allows shifting between 4WD (4H) and 2WD modes while you drive, which means you can respond to changing surface and weather conditions at a moment’s notice. All it takes is a shift of the transfer lever. In the 4WD mode, you can choose between high and low settings. The 4H (high) position is best for fairly flat surfaces, while the 4L (low) setting is ideal when attacking off-road slopes.

Suzuki’s comprehensive approach to driver and passenger protection includes active safety measures that help you avoid accidents. Excellent handling, braking and acceleration give you the power to respond quickly in emergency situations. With the optional four-wheel, three-channel, four-sensor anti-lock braking system(ABS), steering control is maintained even during sudden braking. Active safety is heightened by excellent all-around visibility that makes it easier to grasp the surroundings and respond accordingly.